We empower youth who have experienced bullying and related issues.



Our Story

iamALIVE (Accepted, Loved, Valued, Empowered), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) faith-based nonprofit organization that was established in 2023, driven by a deeply personal story that began many years ago. LaSaundra Kay Hewitt, the founder, experienced relentless bullying throughout her journey from elementary school to high school. Her struggle with suicidal thoughts, depression, and low self-esteem was a result of the lasting effects of such torment. After years of perseverance, LaSaundra found healing, wholeness, and self-worth, inspiring her to establish an organization that would provide support to youth facing similar challenges.

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Unmasking the Truth About Bullying

In this program, participants will embark on a transformative journey, arming themselves with the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves from bullying behavior and cultivate a resilient spirit. Through an immersive experience of interactive activities, and engaging discussions, participants will unmask the hidden truths surrounding bullying.

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Youth United Against Bullying

In this program, we will be working together to address the issue of bullying in our school system. Through a series of interactive sessions, open discussions, and role-playing, participants will gain a better understanding of the dynamics of bullying, the impact it has on individuals and the community, and how we can work together to prevent it from happening.

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This program is designed to assist participants in discovering their identity and developing healthy self-esteem. Throughout this program, participants will dive deeper into self-discovery – how they perceive themselves and what a healthy self-esteem entails – all of which play a significant role in addressing the impact of bullying.

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