LaSaundra Hewitt

Founder and Executive Director

LaSaundra Hewitt serves as the Founder and Executive Director of iamALIVE, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and educating youth affected by bullying and related issues. As the Executive Director, she ensures that all operations align with the organization’s mission. With a commitment spanning over 10 years, LaSaundra has devoted herself to educating and empowering both youth and adults about the effects of bullying. In addition to her role, she is an accomplished author and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

LaSaundra’s impact extends beyond the organization as she has motivated and inspired countless young minds at various schools across Metro Atlanta, sharing her personal story of triumph over bullying. Her outstanding contributions have earned her numerous accolades and honors, recognizing her exceptional work in the community. As an overcomer of bullying, rejection, and low self-esteem, LaSaundra possesses a unique understanding of the pain experienced by others. Her mission is to empower individuals to transition from a place of pain to a place of triumph and restoration. She achieves this through her influential book, engaging webinars, seminars, and an annual anti-bullying conference.

LaSaundra’s dedication and multifaceted approach make her a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those affected by bullying. Through her transformative initiatives, she strives to create a society where every individual can thrive without fear and emerge stronger from adversity.



LaTonya Wright

Director of Finance

LaTonya Wright serves as the Director of Finance, overseeing the financial operations of iamALIVE, Inc. Her responsibilities encompass budgeting, accounting, fundraising, and financial reporting, all with the aim of ensuring the organization’s financial stability and success in fulfilling its mission.

Beyond her professional role, LaTonya is a devoted wife, mother, and nana, driven by her passion for helping others. She actively engages in the arts and entertainment industry, taking part in producing and directing theatrical and film productions. Furthermore, LaTonya extends her support to families by providing financial services such as insurance, annuities, and wealth planning.



Roy Hewitt

Director of Youth Empowerment

Roy Hewitt serves as the Director of Youth Empowerment, where he recruits and establishes meaningful connections with youth who are in need of empowerment. He engages with parents to raise awareness about iamALIVE’s programs and benefits, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment within the organization. Roy is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Evangelism at Liberty University, expanding his knowledge and expertise.

With over 10 years of experience in teaching youth instruction, Roy brings a wealth of expertise to this nonprofit organization. He has effectively educated and mentored both youth and adults alike. Additionally, Roy has dedicated over a decade to preaching in prisons and faithfully ministering the gospel, showcasing his profound passion for church ministry.

It is Roy’s unwavering love for the youth and his genuine desire to empower them that has led him to support and contribute to the mission of this organization. His dedication, combined with his experience and heartfelt commitment, make him an invaluable asset in creating transformative experiences for the youth he serves.



Steven D. Maxwell

Director of Outreach

Steven D. Maxwell serves as the Director of Outreach, fostering meaningful connections with community partners and stakeholders. As Director of Outreach, he actively builds relationships with local businesses, religious organizations, and community groups to raise awareness about our mission and garner support for our anti-bullying efforts. Steven D. Maxwell works in the field of parks and recreation, ensuring that leisure opportunities are provided in the best interest of the community he serves. It is his responsibility to work closely with members of the community and elected officials, taking their feedback into consideration to benefit all stakeholders.

Since 2009, Steven has embarked on a successful career journey, holding positions as a supervisor, coordinator, and manager across multiple agencies in the recreation field. In 2013, he made history as the first African American pool manager for the city of Jacksonville, enhancing the patron experience by integrating new amenities to the facility. Steven’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Leadership from Jacksonville State University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Troy University. He has also obtained multiple certifications, including Certified Youth Sports Administrator and Certified Pool Operator.

One of Steven’s significant accomplishments in Clayton County was securing external funds through grant opportunities. As a member of the Georgia Recreation and Park Association (GRPA), he serves as District 4’s Committee Representative for Public Policy. In this role, Steven strives to establish transparency with policymakers and advocates for the development and legislative agenda of all agencies. He believes in the power of public policy and aims to bring positive change to the community.

Steven’s dedication to his profession is evident through his participation in national programs such as Director’s School and the Park Champions Initiative, facilitated by the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). He is an advocate for continued education and has worked alongside representatives from Troy University to expand opportunities for GRPA members to pursue their academic accomplishments. Through this partnership, members can now benefit from tuition discounts when attending Troy University to obtain their master’s or undergraduate degree.

As an innovative leader with a passion for community development, Steven strives for optimal success and aims to make a positive impact on others. He believes in the value of inspiring change and constantly seeks ways to be of value to those he leads.